A One-Minute Play

Photo by David Travis on Unsplash

Doctor: “How well do you think you see?”

Me: “Oh, fine. I don’t need prescription glasses.”

Doctor: “Do you think your eyesight has gotten worse?”

Me: “No. I just buy reading glasses at the dollar store.”

Doctor: “And do you keep having to buy stronger and stronger ones?”

Me: “Yes.”



A very short story

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“Mrs. Martin, I have to tell you about something bad.”

“OK, James. What is it?”

“When we were in the computer lab practicing our typing, Alex wrote ‘D-head’.”

“D-head? What’s D-head?”

“You know, Mrs. Martin. A bad word. That starts with D. And has ‘head’ on the end.”

“Dumb head?”



A one-minute play

Photo by Wiktor Karkocha on Unsplash

She: Don’t swipe your finger in your mouth when you’re done eating. It’s gross.

He: I should be able to do that with my lifelong partner.

She: Some people believe you should treat your lifelong partner BETTER than you treat strangers.

He: Agreed. By not hassling them about stuff like…