With a little help from Elmo

Photo by the author

My husband is always at least a step ahead of himself, thinking his next great thought instead of finishing what he is doing.

For this reason, we have lots of conversations about turning off lights, closing cupboards, and locking doors.

Last year I had him paying a dollar every time…

Our kids have begun parenting us

Me on the slackline getting encouragement from my baby

“Watch, Daddy!”

“Amazing, buddy!”

“Look at this, Mommy!”

“That was so cool, honey!”

The video is old and grainy but the emotions couldn’t be clearer. Kids are taking turns jumping off a diving board in creative ways, beaming as we cheer them on.

Wasn’t it just moments ago I was…

The long and winding road to becoming a writer

Here I am with husband, daughter and son

My parents had more or less lost interest in child-rearing by the time I came along, a decade after they’d already had three kids. My mother was dramatic and unpredictable which left me a little scared of the world.

If I had a less-than-idyllic childhood, I’ve probably had a happier-than-average…

Cindy Shore Smith

Teacher, reader, writer, hiker, wife and mom. Blog can be found at boomersolutionsblog.com

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