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“Just write,” they said, “Just put stuff out there.” This sounds so right but, in truth, rushing to publish can lead to later regret.

I had never heard of Medium but the newly minted Playback Memoirs was looking for writers so I jumped in with both feet. The logo of PBM is a cassette tape and I’ve got my repertoire of embarrassing stories so it felt like a good fit.

I shared several of my favorite tales before Playback Memoirs fizzled out. The most recent submission there is from last January and PBM topped out at 311 followers.

Looking back…

The long and winding road to becoming a writer

Here I am with husband, daughter and son

My parents had more or less lost interest in child-rearing by the time I came along, a decade after they’d already had three kids. My mother was dramatic and unpredictable which left me a little scared of the world.

If I had a less-than-idyllic childhood, I’ve probably had a happier-than-average adulthood, thanks to fate bringing my soulmate to whom I’ve been married for 44 years.

After marriage, I started college with journalism classes. I worried, though, that if I ever had children I would be like my mother. I reasoned that teachers are generally patient and kind to kids, so…

Writer’s Block, My Furry Ass

Abel taking a break from writing

My morning walk time came and went because Dog Mom was too busy whining about Medium. There was the usual moaning about writer’s block, bellyaching about editors and griping about “stats”, which is apparently more important than my full bladder.

I’ve been watching closely — partly to see if she’ll forget that half-eaten muffin — and I have a few ideas of my own. I jotted these down while she was out getting the mail and still have time to jump on every piece of furniture in the house before she gets back.

Let me know if you think I’m…

Listen Up, Blatherskites

Wikimedia Commons

Forget Karens. I’m dealing with young wisenheimers who seem to think writing on Medium is only for ankle-biters like them. So listen up, all you Kyles and Brittanys — those of us who grew up in the 60s can monkeyshine with the best of you! Need proof? Keep an eye peeled for these on-the-button headlines I plan to pursue in the weeks ahead. And that’s no humbuggery.

1) How to Get That “Young People Smell” Out of Your House

2) Battle Royale: Green Acres vs. Gilligan’s Island

3) A Letter From My Boxes of Photographs

4) Too Many Doilies? …

Why Can’t I Live in a Nice House Without Responsibility?

Photo by Tierra Mallorca on Unsplash

“This problem is the result of temperature changes and the soil you have here,” he said, pointing at the gap that had opened between the house and the porch, “I’d be willing to bet your foundation issues are extensive.” Extensive is contractor-speak for expensive.

Silly us, carelessly leaving our house outdoors. But ultimately this Pangea-like drifting was caused by trying to be something we are not — dedicated homeowners. Managing a house is an endeavor many people navigate happily and well. We are not those people.

We did it because our elders told us to. “It’s a great investment,” they…

Photo of author by Eric Smith

Six-word photo story Summer Challenge

A Song Parody of “To Sir, With Love” by Lulu

Photo by the author

Those summer days of hazy heat and wanting sweets have come
And in my mind there’s just one thing that will be most welcome
But how do you thank a treat that has taken you from sweaty to refreshed?
It isn’t easy but I’ll try

I will yell from the rooftops and tell each one I see you are sublime
I’m your biggest fan of all time
Soft serve, I love

The time has come for me to choose cone or cup and what size
What about nuts or do I want some sprinkles on my prize?
The photos they tantalize and…

Cindy Shore Smith

Teacher, reader, writer, hiker, wife and mom. Blog can be found at boomersolutionsblog.com

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